Lecture Two: App Design and Development

Lecture Notes: Week 2



Things to consider before and during any design process:

  1. Change the way you work

Begin with your idea. Conduct research and gather data to analyse and start with your project. Produce sketches and make mental and physical notes and mind maps of all the information. The next step is to begin with your project. Create wireframes and prototypes to visualise the outcome of your project. The final step, test your project. With the finished prototype/s, allow test subjects to experience your work and you as the designer can receive a first-hand examination of any problems and/or positives of your work.

2. Mobile First

Produce your design project to accommodate mobile phones. This allows you to prioritise the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for mobiles. Once the mobile aspect of the project is completed, it becomes easier to adapt and alter your designs for larger screens.

3. Understand Development

It is important to work collaboratively with the entire design/development team in order to generate a high quality and effective outcome. Learning the jargon of other fields you’re working with allows you as the designer to fully understand the scope of progress.

4. Use a variety of Operating Systems

Having access and familiarising yourself with the various operating systems makes your design development and app creation much simpler. Understanding how they work along with identifying the similarities and differences between them allows you to experience what the user may experience, which may make the final product more efficient and effective.

5. Prototype Everything

Constructing a prototype allows you as the designer to evaluate the positives and negatives your app may have. The endless amount of time you’ve spent planning your app may not actually be the outcome across all platforms, thus prototyping will help you identify any functional or aesthetic problems you may encounter on the various devices your project is running on, where you would then find and attempt potential solutions.

6. Apps are Never Finished 

With technology advancing quickly, ensuring the user has the best possible experience with any device has become increasingly important. Thus, upgrading the app in any beneficial way is essential and possible at any point in time.

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