Colour Creations: User Scenario

User scenario for my app, Colour Creations.



Sam is in a dilemma. Sam needs a new set of colours for a client’s project. The client is hassling him, so he needs a quick fix. A friend told him about ‘Colour Creations’. So Sam downloads the app onto his smartphone. He has two options, upload a photograph from his gallery or take a photo. He decides the quickest route would be to use a photograph from his gallery. He selects a photo. Colour Creations now generates a colour palette for him. However, Sam isn’t entirely satisfied with the combinations. So he touches the refresh icon to generate a new set of colours. Happy with the outcome, he moves on to the next step. Sam has the option of altering each colour manually. Though, Sam decides there’s no need as he is happy with the 5 colours. Once finalised, he can now save the palette in either CMYK or RGB values.

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